Mailer’s Scorecard Monitoring Assistance

How’s Your Scorecard?   

Have you been checking it? Do you understand the metrics, what they mean, and what to do about them? Have you had any errors, or received any assessments? Assessments caused by unresolved mail preparation errors can add up to significant costs for you and your clients. Can you spend the time it takes to monitor the scorecard, or more importantly – can you afford not to?

Mailers Hub has the solution.

Let us monitor your scorecard for you. For less than the cost of re-assigning an employee part-time,  or hiring one – we can monitor your scorecard daily, evaluate what it says, and alert you to potential problems. We also can analyze any process or operational issues that may be contributing to errors and, if necessary, help you dispute an assessment.

For more information, contact us HERE. This could save you money.

This service is available for everyone, but subscribers receive a considerable discount.